Devices Type Library

Version: 2.0
DM2003 Hardware Drivers Type Library

GUID: {3C053B00-2C71-11D5-B2A4-FE129D63AC66}

DM2003 Hardware Drivers Type Library includes enumerations, coclasses and interfaces exposed by the Devices.ocx unit. This type library depends on DMForms type library and cannot be used separately.

The Devices.ocx unit includes ActiveX controls for several measurement instruments and interface cards. It is installed only by DM2003 setup "for internal use". Unlike RS-232 port drivers, these controls are highly specialized.

Notice: HP 82990A HPIB interface card driver can work in two modes: normal and debug. Normal mode requires HPIB card itself and two 16-bit DLLs, namely hpib.dll (original HPIB card driver) and hpib_thk.dll (16-bit thunk marshaller). This mode is available only under Win9x. Debug mode has an option: if you create DWORD DebugTerminal value=1 under HKU\Software\RRR\DM2003\Devices registry key, special debug terminal window will be displayed.

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B740X HP4191X E712X DMIEEE488Port


IDMDevice IDMDeviceEvents