LabelPinModes Enumeration

Version: 3.0
Enumerates plot label coordinate attachment modes

GUID: {673AAE07-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

LabelPinModes enumerates possible values of IDMLabel2.PinModeXXX properties. Values lpmScaleX and lpmScaleX2 should be used if you would like to transform label coordinates using IDMAxis.Expression property.

Name Value Description
lpmxFrame0Attach relative coordinate to axis frame
lpmxAxis1Attach integer coordinate to primary axis
lpmxScale2Attach float coordinate to primary axis scale
lpmxAxis23Attach integer coordinate to secondary axis
lpmxScale24Attach float coordinate to secondary axis scale
lpmxScaleX5The same as Scale, but uses axis expression
lpmxScaleX26The same as Scale2, but uses axis expression