HTMLDialogOptions Enumeration

Version: 3.1
Enumerate HTML Dialog options

GUID: {673A9FF0-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

HTMLDialogOptions enumeration lists bitwise flags passed to the IDMApplication2.ShowDialog method. Certainly, these options applies only to the HTML dialog boxes.

Name Value Description
hdoModal1Dialog box is modal
hdoScrollable2WebBrowser has scrollbars
hdoVResizable4Dialog box may be resized vertically
hdoHResizable8Dialog box may be resized horizontally
hdoResizable12Dialog box is resizable
hdoEnableClose16Enable [x] button for modeless dialogs
hdoAutoCompact32Compactize inactive modeless dialog
hdoRaiseEvents64Fire (De)Activate events for modeless dialog