DMSerie CoClass

Version: 3.0
Data Master 2003 Plot Serie Object

GUID: {673A9FE1-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

DMSerie objects represent plot series. Plot can have any number of series. In DM2003, DMPlot object has 8 default (predefined) series. However, you can easily add new ones or delete any series object using methods of the DMPlot object.

Series object may be either "regular", or "functional" (parameterized). First category relies on the range of numeric data to calculate points coordinates. Data range (or "block") involves reference to the DMContainer object (by default, series references container from the same data window), positions of X and Y columns, and indices of first and last data elements in the linked container. Functional series obtains point coordinates as a result of evaluation of X and Y expressions. Parameter in these expressions (named "cx") varied linearly (may depend on X axis ticks style) in the range from Min to Max.

For calculation of point position on the drawing plane, series uses a reference to the axes objects. You may select either primary (default, bottom+left) or secondary (top right) set of axes in any combination.
In addition, series object has a lot of properties that control various visual attributes of the curve lines and points.